‘Drama Antics’ – Drama Group for Primary School Age Kids.

Come and learn the art of acting in this fun and creative drama group.  No experience is needed. This program caters for all skill levels – Beginners to Advanced.

This program is designed to encourage children to explore themselves and to promote confidence and self esteem whilst bringing out their creative side in a fun, nurturing and positive environment.

Kids who are exposed to the performing arts, such as drama, become more self aware,  physically expressive, confident and articulate, and focused, setting them up with important skills needed throughout their life and the world today.

Your child will work with scripts, explore different genres of Drama, create characters, learn the art of improvisation and impromptu acting and work with comedy skits.

The lessons will include;

  • Acting Techniques
  • Voice projection and articulation
  • Working with scripts and learning lines
  • Improvisation and Impromptu Acting
  • Pulling off Comedy Skits
  • Movement & Performance on Stage
  • Acting Terminology
  • Screen Acting from Television and Movies
  • Portraying a Character – How to become & embody their Character
  • Costume Design i.e. Making masks, puppets etc
  • Setting the Scene


Class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure personal attention to each student and quality teaching.

All levels and learning abilities are welcome to apply.