Singing For All Ages 4 to 104

Everybody can sing!

All ages and all levels are welcome to apply.

Have you always wanted to sing?  Do you think you are ‘tone deaf’ or ‘not blessed with a natural singing voice’?  Forget that because Everybody Can Sing!

You will be taught the art of singing through the correct use of breath, voice placement, voice projection, pitch and control.  Your voice quality will improve greatly under these fundamentals of singing.

Individual lessons are tailor made to each student ensuring the required goal is met whilst also giving the fundamentals and necessary elements of singing for successful Voice Production, Sustainability and understanding.

Explore all styles of music or just one.

Your lessons may also include;

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Vocal Exercises to aid development and flexibility of the voice.
  • Voice Placement and Projection
  • Vocal Strength and Support
  • Pitch Recognition through Aural/Ear Training & Backing Tracks.
  • Produce Natural Vibrato
  • Volume Control
  • Depth and Resonance
  • Emotional and Expressive Singing
  • Interpretation and Improvisation.
  • Singing and Music theory.
  • Reading Music – Sight sing from Music Notation.

You may also like to Compose your own pieces Your lessons may include;

  • Lyric Composition
  • Music Composition
  • Writing a Chord Chart
  • Writing Music Notation

Singing is a great activity which will enhance your  well-being emotionally and physically and gives strength to your cardiovascular system. So why not improve your health, and mood, and self confidence the fun way, through singing!

Special Primary Kids Program available.

High School and Year 11 & 12 Exam Preparation.

Audition Preparation.

Studio Recording Preparation.

Individual or group lessons are available.

Individual lessons are tailor made to each student.